The Skin Academy

The Skin Academy was created to give estheticians, nurses, and cosmetologists the right tools to be successful in the esthetics industry. I am a huge advocate of continuing education. The esthetics industry is always changing and evolving, and staying up to date on all of the latest and greatest techniques, products and treatments is imperative. My motto has always been: “This is how the good ones get better.” With over 20 years of experience as an esthetician, business owner, and consultant, my passion now is to help other estheticians learn and grow.

Martha Miller


Martha Miller is a licensed Medical Esthetician with over 23 years of experience in the esthetics industry. She received her esthetics license in 2000 at the Christine Valmy Institute in Pinebrook, NJ. After graduating, she worked in a plastic surgeon’s office followed by a dermatology practice. After becoming the lead esthetician at that multi-practice dermatologist office, she opened her own skincare clinic in NJ. During that time, she started consulting with other physicians to help them open medical spas. She was given the opportunity to be on an advisory board for Johnson & Johnson where she helped develop an OTC skincare line with advanced delivery systems. After moving to Atlanta, she started working at a 4-person medspa that has grown into a successful practice with multiple estheticians. She now devotes her career to educating and mentoring other estheticians. Martha travels throughout the United States doing training.

Martha currently lives in Peachtree City, GA with her husband and fur babies. Martha has a daughter in college studying to be a veterinarian.


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